Work Culture at ProMobi: What Sets Apart Best From the Rest

ProMobi Work and Culture
ProMobi Culture & Values

People coding as blasting music pours in through their earphones; technical managers having a standup meeting in the dining room; interactive AMA (ask me anything) sessions in swing with none other than the CEO; that’s what an ordinary day at ProMobi Technologies looks like. 

For someone new, coming from a ‘walk your walk’ and ‘mind your business’ kind-of experience in their prior organizations, this can come as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. 

The first glimpse into ProMobi’s work culture…

After I joined the ProMobi team, I realized how strong the foundation of ProMobi’s inclusive, diverse yet appreciative work culture was. This work culture not just defined how every employee was treated but also sets the tone for what the employee feels about the organization. And I was astonished to see so many passionate folks working diligently, going well beyond their designated KRA’s to deliver nothing but the best for the company, as a whole.

The Core values of ProMobi… 

The core values of ProMobi are steadfast. These values of empathy, communication, honesty & innovation are imbibed in the employees early on and are expected, not just appreciated. And this is, in my opinion, is the glue that holds it all together. 

Employees are mentored to look out for their peers. Everyone strives to add value instead of just putting in hours at work. 

And this is the work culture we take pride in!

Our work culture in a nutshell..

Flat & Fantastic

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and hence at ProMobi, anyone can share their ideas and also make them a reality. Suggestions and advice can come from anywhere, we don’t limit the decision-making process to higher-level management. We believe in innovation. And we respect all ideas & suggestions that can add to the value or the growth of the organization.

Open & Flexible

To begin with, no one works ‘for’ us. Everyone in the ProMobi team works ‘with us’. And this vibe is consistent across all teams. ProMobi thoroughly opposes the idea of limiting employee liberation and believes in a free working and transparent environment. Our managers do not micromanage, and people can contribute to their full capacity, initiate new ideas and visions.

Shared Vision

The vision of this company is to build a world-class, SaaS-based product, every employee here shares the same vision, which makes us one massive team and not just individuals that only seek to enhance their careers. Collaborative teamwork routine, technical and non-technical teams come together to offer the best of the product.

Stress-free environment

ProMobi extends a work environment that prevents people from dreading Mondays! In fact, our employees have a hard time going away from because they long for the challenges and constant opportunities given to them. Being a part of a fast-growing startup, the work may be hard. But the culture does not encourage stress. On the opposite, the culture is designed to alleviate work-related stress. Which is why we have fun Fridays, cricket matches, team outings & parties! And that’s how we have managed to retain some of our most talented folks!

Coherent hiring

In order to ensure that every new team member that joins befits the existing work culture, we have a very meticulous hiring process in place. We seek out passionate people who are the best fit for our culture.

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Behind great results, there’s a great team. And at ProMobi, the team is valued, cherished & celebrated. That, along with a great innovative product to work for makes ProMobi one of the best places to work!

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