StackRox + PagerDuty – Know about Your Kubernetes Security Issues, Now

StackRox has pioneered Kubernetes-native container security, bringing rich context and infrastructure-native enforcement to protecting Kubernetes and containers across build, deploy, and runtime. We recognize the importance of getting critical alerts about this cloud-native stack to the right team, at the right moment – by integrating with PagerDuty, we broadened the choices on how to do so.

To effectively protect the cloud-native stack, DevOps and security teams must be able to operationalize the security technologies designed to protect this new infrastructure. That success depends on integrating new security tooling with existing DevOps infrastructure and workflows. Such integrations are at the heart of the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform. Integration with PagerDuty is just the latest example of how StackRox works to make container security more effective and efficient.

With this integration, joint customers now get alerts about the critical Kubernetes and container security policy violations the StackRox platform detects. Customers determine which policy violations should get directed into PagerDuty, and teams can define how these alerts funnel into the escalation policies instantiated on the PagerDuty platform.

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We’ve taken a Kubernetes-native approach to protecting the cloud-native stack, leveraging the controls built into Kubernetes. Our PagerDuty integration enables a similar approach to security alerts, enabling customers to leverage the incident response platform and workflows already in place to support handling of Kubernetes and container security incidents. Our integration with PagerDuty adds to other integrations we provide into CI/CD systems, registries, vulnerability managers, incident management platforms, and other DevOps platforms.

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