So you want to move from the help desk to the security team


Everybody has a start in their chosen field. Sometimes this start is a calculated, deliberate choice and sometimes it is a product of both chance and luck. When I had my start in information security, it was an experience where at the end of the day I discovered that not only was information security my passion, but it was also dropped in my proverbial lap.

For those wanting to make the move from help desk to security, this move can be planned and executed without much difficulty. This article will detail how you too can make the move from help desk/service desk to a role on your organization’s security team. We’ll do this by exploring both how my move played out for me and what you should consider before making yours. By the end of the article, you will be in a much firmer position to decide whether you want to make this move too.

AppSec/API Security 2022

My move to security

My first role in information technology was a help desk analyst role. I always had an interest and general knack for knowing my way around a computer, so it seemed like a natural fit. Let’s be honest, though — unless your organization is supporting thousands of users with an unstable information technology environment, you will get bored fast. It was not more than one day on the job before I discovered my next technological calling — security.

The best starting point for making your move is finding out whether your organization has a security team. Even if it does not, if you show enough interest and some information security knowledge, your supervisor may add security responsibilities to your plate. If you are currently in help desk and there is no way to expand your role to include security responsibilities, look (Read more...)

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