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REBA and VERGE 2019: Climate Action Through Partnership and Innovation

This October at the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) and Verge conferences in Oakland, California, Akamai had the opportunity to actively engage with 3,000 of our like-minded sustainability peers on making incremental environmental change. To no surprise, I witnessed passionate dialogue around climate change action, an issue now front and center on most corporate agendas.

As a global corporation, Akamai is conscious of the impact we have on our climate and how it affects everyone, everywhere. There is no question that the statistics are bleak: 408 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere, the highest in 3 million years, and the past 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000.  We know we need to do more than just think about solutions and develop ways where we can make positive and lasting change now. It is at these sustainability conferences where partnership, collaboration, and innovation propel the conversation forward.

Conferences like REBA and VERGE reinforce the value of partnerships and collaboration to Akamai and sustainability at large. I was truly impressed with the action-oriented agenda at both of these conferences, where participants came together to learn, think, interact, brainstorm, and create meaningful next steps on how to positively affect environmental issues.  There were many topics of conversation, from increasing investments in renewable energy – such as Walmart’s announcement of an additional 366 MW of net new renewables or Iron Mountain’s announcement of installing the largest rooftop solar array [of] data center to developing the best practices for integrating IoT across the renewable energy spectrum, it was definitely environmental innovation in the making!

With all of the future-thinking discussions taking place, Akamai – now more than ever – has an opportunity to develop critical solutions to support global change.

  • Products such as IoT Edge Cloud can connect millions of IoT devices in an energy efficient way without compromising security or performance
  • Integrating IoT Edge Connect to collect energy data securely and in real-time can help companies make critical environmental decisions even more quickly
  • Utilizing Akamai’s Intelligent Platform can help companies worldwide reduce their energy intensity and carbon footprint

And that’s just the start. We see innovation in our technology as a way to reduce overall global energy intensity and help our customers decrease power consumption through engineering efficiency. 

As I reflect on both of these critical conferences and the impact they had on me as Akamai’s Director of Sustainability, I am inspired by the conversations around partnership, collaboration, and innovation. I ask that you join Akamai in thinking how you and your company can make lasting change and chart a path forward to a zero-carbon future.

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