Nexus Repo and Datree Integration Deliver Automated Pipeline Control

If your organization or development team currently uses, is considering, or has plans to use open source software to accelerate development and innovation, then you are likely familiar with the transformational shift in developer workflows. The benefits of using open source are well-known, but the outcomes of increased package distribution and hundreds of source code repos have left development teams on the edge of an unforeseeable battle against scalable efficiency.

In the DevOps era of speed, collaboration, and automated continuous integration and delivery, what is the key ingredient to maintaining highly optimized development pipelines? How can teams gain better control over developer efficiencies and governance while, at the same time, provide flexibility and productivity?

From Air Cover to the Git Level

The importance of Nexus Repository Manager to centralize proprietary, open source, and other third party components for binary and build artifacts delivers complete control over dependency management. Organizations who use a binary repository manager gain true, universal ‘air cover’ of making sure their development teams are producing reliable, higher quality builds in less time throughout the entire CI/CD pipeline.

The question that comes to mind now, after years of innovation on the binary and build side of the toolchain, is what about efficiencies at the git level? How can organizations and development teams automate policy control for developer best practices on every GitHub commit? After all, this is exactly where we have developer ‘boots on the ground’.

We are excited to announce the integration of Nexus Repository and Datree for developers and DevOps teams!

Datree is a git-based policy engine that allows organizations to enforce custom policies around their git projects. Datree helps teams adopt development best practices, coding standards, and security policies by performing automated GitHub checks on every commit. Creating custom rules in Datree, organizations can now (Read more...)

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