MixMode On-Premise Now Available

MixMode on-premise platform is now available to be deployed on your internal infrastructure!  

Our partners have typically requested these deployments for a multitude of reasons: 

  • classified data
  • air-gap requirements
  • the ability to add additional storage and processing power as desired to achieve specific performance 
  • and meta-data retention requirements among other reasons.

The most popular form of in house deployment is to deploy our OVA virtual appliance on an existing internal VMware ESXi infrastructure.  A majority of companies already leverage ESXi hypervisors in their business and may already have adequate resources available for such a deployment.  The OVA appliance will contain pre-installed MixMode packages and a custom data directory/virtual hard disk mapping based on the bandwidth that is to be ingested.  

All that is left to be done after deploying the OVA is to configure operating system networking for your internal needs and you are ready to go.  The option is also available for us to pre-configure the networking setup in the OVA to allow a turn key installation based upon your desired IP addressing, DNS, NTP, and gateway setup.

In situations where a partner does not own or opts to not use a virtualized environment, a bare-metal hardware appliance can be pre-configured in a similar fashion and delivered.

Similar to the virtual scenario, the hardware cost and specifications will vary based on the desired numbers of days of meta-data retention and bandwidth being ingested.

Finally, all that’s left is to deploy the desired virtual or bare-metal traffic sensors, wherever they may be desired in your network topology. These sensors are then connected to MixMode on-premise, exactly as they would be connected to MixMode SaaS.

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