How to Facilitate iOS app Distribution without App Store

iOS Enterprise App Distribution
iOS app distribution without app store

iPhone and iPads are widely used for business purposes owing to their reliable performance, enhanced security and contemporary design that drives engagement from employees as well as customers. The popularity of iOS devices for personal use makes it imperative for businesses to deploy them for work as well, since the users are familiar with its interface. According to a study, 79% of mobile devices used in business are iOS devices, preferably the iPhone.

iOS devices used in business are deployed either to the employees, for connecting remotely or to accomplish several other business or collaboration tasks, or are deployed as single-purpose devices or kiosks. Either way, the company IT teams need to equip these iOS devices with company policies, applying appropriate usage restrictions for security and essential resources to fulfill the designated business purpose. Publishing business-related applications on these devices is critical to accomplish business-specific tasks.

Using Scalefusion MDM for iOS streamlines enrollment, deployment and management of iOS devices used for business. The IT admins can enroll the devices into corporate policies, allow or block websites and load the iOS devices with business apps to achieve targeted business outputs.

If the business apps to be installed on managed iOS devices are available on the App Store, they can be instantly rolled out on the managed device inventory using Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program). But if the business applications are private, bespoke and to be distributed without App Store, Scalefusion provisions the same using Enterprise Store.

Scalefusion provisions iOS app distribution without App store. Private apps can be published on managed iOS devices using the following two alternatives:Using a Plist Link

1.Using a Plist Link

2.Using an IPA file

Check out the step-by-step process to publish private apps on iOS devices

Once the private app is uploaded on the Scalefusion enterprise store, it can be published on any managed iOS device. The app can be remotely configured, updated or uninstalled from the device using Scalefusion Application Management.

With Scalefusion for iOS, extending comprehensive management for iPhones and iPads used for work is streamlined.

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