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Delivering Delphix to a Database Near You

As part of the Delphix 5.3.5 release, we unveiled the Delphix Virtualization SDK, a software development kit enabling easy data source integration into Delphix. Designed to give organizations an easy way to leverage Delphix’s core virtualization capabilities, the Virtualization SDK empowers developers to develop powerful data management plugins for relational, NoSQL, PaaS, and containerized databases that matter most to them. 

Opening the Path for Wider Database Support

When we launched over 11 years ago, most enterprises were primarily using SQL Server or Oracle to build their applications, but this changed very quickly as a swell of new open source and commercial databases became available. Organizations have moved away from primarily depending on Oracle or SQL Server to embracing a model where they choose a database based on a particular application’s needs. For example, most cloud-native applications now use a combination of NoSQL databases and object storage for scalability— adopting up to half a dozen databases or more. 

Over the course of this trend, Delphix has steadily expanded the types of databases we support, including Db2, SAP ASE, Oracle EBS, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, and a handful of others based on customers’ requests. With an ever-growing number of data sources, the product and engineering teams began exploring different ways to tackle this problem. Our goal was to ensure that our customers were never hindered by our ability to build support for a particular data source. That led us to an interesting idea: what if customers and partners could build integrations for the databases that matter most to them on their own? This is when the Virtualization SDK was born. 

Highlights at a Glance

Whatever plugin you build can extend Delphix’s core capabilities to run essential virtual data operations on your datasets such as:

  • Making virtual copies 
  • Stopping and starting data operations
  • Storing the virtualized data 

These plugin operations are the building blocks of Delphix. From these building blocks, the engine can provide all of the normal Delphix functionality to the datasets you connect to such as:

  • Provisioning: Create a lightweight virtual database copy (VDB). 
  • Refreshing: Refresh a provisioned VDB to the latest data available from the source database. 
  • Rewinding: Rewind the state of the VDB data to any previous point in time. 
  • Replication: Move data from in-between the Delphix platforms.  
  • Syncing: Ingest data into Delphix from a source database.

Looking to the Future 

During the last six months of beta testing, a handful of select customers, partners, and our own our services team have demonstrated the SDK’s flexibility by building plugins for MongoDB, AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, Informix, and MySQL. 

It’s safe to say that more data sources will emerge in the marketplace at an accelerated pace with the trend of cloud computing and containerized databases, steadily reshaping the enterprise landscape as firms embrace digital strategies. In today’s world where every company is becoming a data company, good companies ship software, but great companies build platforms. With the Delphix Virtualization SDK, organizations can leverage the core virtualization capabilities of the Delphix platform for the data sources that matter most to them. 

To get started, check out the documentation page for instructions on how to download the Virtualization SDK and a step-by-step guide to build your first plugin today. 

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