Cybrary LIVE Session: Enhancing Networking Security through Automation and Enrichment

Traditional methods of security event management is a constant struggle to keep up with modern volumes of data ingestion and tool complexity. Bridging this gap in analyst and security tool capacity to meet demand is the concept of security orchestration, automation and response. This framework and tools allow for cyber security tools to react to alerts and incidents automatically to enhance productivity to meet ever growing demand.

Further building upon this enhancement is the concept of building further context of the data on the system through enrichment. This enrichment is built into automated processes including threat data feed integrations to enhance context around traffic context leading to more efficient threat detection and remediation.

AppSec/API Security 2022

Join Bricata for this free Cybrary* Live webinar, Enhancing Networking Security through Automation and Enrichment, to learn about Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) concepts as well as security data enrichment.

Registration is free but does require participants have a free Cybrary account.

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Time: 1PM ET/10AM PT


Carl Bolterstein – Senior Solutions Engineer, Bricata

Carl is a highly experienced Solution Architect and Engineer in cybersecurity. He has spent the last seven years focused on network and data cyber analysis. He has worked in the public and private sector with a wide range of customers from small business to large enterprise in the engineering and analyst capacity.

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