Signal Sciences Launches Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Integration

Container adoption has grown rapidly in recent years: Gartner Research predicts that by 2022 more than 75% of organizations globally will be running containerized applications in production1. From our inception, Signal Sciences has provided native application protection in cloud-native environments where customers leverage tools like Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized application deployments.

Our integration with Pivotal Container Service (PKS), available on Pivotal Marketplace, furthers Signal Sciences next-gen WAF and RASP ability to protect our customers’ apps wherever they choose to operate them. This integration enables our customers leveraging PKS as their managed Kubernetes deployment service to protect their containerized apps with Signal Sciences award-winning application protection technology.

Securing Containerized Apps Deployed via PKS

With Pivotal Container Service (PKS) organizations can easily create and manage Kubernetes clusters and rapidly scale their applications running on the Pivotal platform. PKS simplifies the deployment and management of enterprise-grade Kubernetes on both public and private clouds.

And now in combination with Signal Sciences, the award-winning solution for protecting against layer 7 attacks, Pivotal customers using PKS can secure their containerized web apps deployed across public and private cloud infrastructure quickly and easily. Signal Sciences can secure cloud-native applications wherever our customers choose to operate them, including PaaS providers like Pivotal.  Along with our longstanding integration with Pivotal Application Service (PAS), customers can see and stop threats that could impact apps running on Pivotal.

Fast Time to Value with Easy Installation

Deploying our agent along side applications deployed via Kubernetes means customers can secure those apps as they scale quickly in any cloud environment—and customers can proactively protect their web layer assets and gain actionable insights at layer 7 while empowering rapid containerized application deployments. The great news is that our installation for PKS is essentially the same as our generic Kubernetes install, but with one difference: access to a Kubernetes cluster for PKS is done by logging in via the provided PKS client binaries from the PKS install.

Security at Scale with Cloud-Native Efficiencies

Customers use a managed Kubernetes deployment tool like PKS for a variety of reasons:

  • PKS eases the operations burden for container orchestration with built-in monitoring
  • A managed service provides automated health checks, and abilities that empower organizations to effectively orchestrate the deployment of their containerized apps.
  • As enterprises migrate towards deploying containerized apps with Kubernetes, they need enhanced orchestration and lifecycle management capabilities offered by PKS.

Signal Sciences combined with PKS enables DevOps teams to gain immediate protection for apps, APIs and microservices deployed via PKS. Considering that enterprises leverage Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment of containerized apps at scale, one can see the benefit of inspecting traffic to apps in those containers. Our support for PKS combined with our long standing support for Pivotal Application Service (PAS) allows customers to provide protection for any app running on Pivotal. Our cloud native architecture allows customers the most flexibility in deciding whether to deploy their apps in a PaaS like Pivotal within a managed Kubernetes environment.

Learn more about our PKS integration on the Pivotal Marketplace.

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