MFA for Windows Login to Address the Vulnerabilities of Corporate Passwords

Easy for both administrators and employees, UserLock now offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Windows login alongside contextual controls, for the best balance of security, usability and cost available today.

MFA for Windows Login

IS Decisions, a provider of access management software, today announced a significant update to its flagship product UserLock. Multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA, is now available with Version 10 of UserLock, to help further address the vulnerabilities of corporate passwords, for business of all sizes.

Working alongside Active Directory, UserLock makes it easy for administrators to deploy, customize and manage two-factor authentication on any Windows logon and RDP connection. And for employees; using time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) from an authenticator application on their smartphone, frees them from having to carry a dedicated ‘token device’ which are costly and can be easily lost.

Other key MFA capabilities include:

  • Protect access for all users, including the most privileged accounts
  • Customize MFA circumstances for any Active Directory user, group or OU
  • Set MFA rules in conjunction with UserLock’s existing contextual restrictions (location, machine, time, session type and number of concurrent sessions)
  • Immediately respond to end-user requests, with one-click actions from the console

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The sobering reality is that if MFA is not in place, other security measures can be bypassed. It doesn’t matter how good your network perimeter defenses, firewalls, antivirus software and threat-detection software are; if your employees fall for phishing scams, share passwords or still have access to company files even after they have left, you are wide open to attack.

By enabling MFA you protect network resources against such unauthorized access. If one factor is compromised or broken, an attacker still has at least one more barrier to breach before successfully breaking into a target system.

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Multi-factor authentication, like any security approach, becomes even more powerful in conjunction with others. With UserLock 10, the context of the user’s authentication attempt can also be used to authorize, deny or limit user access. It helps further verify all users’ claimed identity.

MFA solutions are not being widely adopted and most likely because they are thought to prove costly, complex and time-consuming to manage.” said François Amigorena, President and CEO of IS Decisions. “Adopting an MFA solution should be a key security initiative for any company, regardless of size and can be one of the easiest and simplest ways to keep user accounts protected. UserLock 10 now offers MFA for Windows login alongside contextual controls to give the best balance of security, usability, and cost available today.

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