Emerging Technologies Turn Security into Everyone’s Responsibility. Explore the Future Securely with Bitdefender at GITEX 2019

October marks the international cybersecurity month, when public sectors across the globe run major awareness campaigns aimed at reminding that as the impact of digital threats continues to grow, cyber-security is a shared responsibility. This year, governments treating shared responsibility in the context of the newly emerging technologies. 


Bitdefender, Middle East Security Vendor for The Past 10 Years, Is Coming To GITEX

With a presence of over 10 years in the Middle EastBitdefender®, a global innovator in security technologies, will be present at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai to showcase its state of the art security solution and cybersecurity expertise, and expand partnerships that bring best of breed solutions to one of the most-digitized areas in the world. 

As an innovator in cybersecurity technologies, Bitdefender is a provider of choice, present across a staggering 38% of the world security solutions. 

Bitdefender® GravityZone™, the enterprise security platform for end-to-end breach avoidance, can now span beyond traditional infrastructures to enable unbreakable security to new IoT and support a secure development of smart cities, industrial ecosystems and healthcare environments. 

Already a leader in security progressive infrastructures from traditional endpoints to highly virtualized environmentsBitdefender now supports progressive organizations across public and private sectors than embrace emerging technologies across endpoint, networks, cloud, and IoTs. 


Support the Secure Adoption of IoT and Other Emerging Technologies  

When you’re at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, be among the first to see the fruit of Bitdefender’s +10 years of innovation of enterprise security technologies. 

Join senior cybersecurity expert Bogdan Carlescu as he provides a piercing view into the last tumultuous 10 years of attacks on critical infrastructure in the Middle East region.  

Learn about new technologies that can help protect oil and gas as well as other industrial sectors from cyber-attacks in his session Defending IIoT: From Stuxnet to Trisis — 10 years of Industrial Cyber-Attacks on MondayOct 8 2:00  2:25 inside GITEX X-Labs area.

Attend hourly booth sessions to learn more about key trends in the security industry from our team of global product and technology expertsStay until the end of each session for a chance to win a smart gadget, as well as experience a cybersecurity magic show from the renowned magician Ken Newman. We will also hold a daily prize draw at the booth, so you could win more than once. 

 Rethinking Security & Risk Management: From Practical Jokes to State of the Art Attacks  

– Cristina Vatamanu, Senior Team Lead – Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab 

 Close Your Security Gaps With An End-To-End Breach Avoidance Platform 

– Bogdan Carlescu, Senior Cybersecurity Evangelist 

 How Is Bitdefender AI Changing Cyber-Security Landscape and Preventing CyberAttacks? 

 Michel TannousSenior Regional Sales Engineer – Middle East 

 What are your medical IOT devices doing on the network? 

 Paul Smit, Sales Engineer  

 Insight on Bitdefender Partnership  

 Ahmad Tello, Partner Success Manager – Middle East 

 Unlocking The Elusive Value of Threat Intelligence 

 Angel IcuscaSenior Product Manager, Threat Intelligence 


Bitdefender – The Visit You Will Not Want to Miss At GITEX 

Bitdefender’s executives, product experts, researchers, and engineers are looking forward to welcoming you every day at the Bitdefender booth, during solution expo hoursWatch the demonstration of Bitdefender end-to-end breach avoidance solutions across complex, emerging infrastructures. Get your what’s, why’s and how’s answered directly by our product team. 

  • SundayOct 6th2019 13:00 – 19:00 (Welcome Reception) 
  • MondayOct 7th, 2019 @ 11:00 – 19:00  
  • TuesdayOct 8th, 2019 @ 11:00 – 19:00  
  • Wednesday, Oct 9th, 2019 @ 11:00 – 19:00 
  • Thursday, Oct 10th, 2019 @ 11:00 – 17:00 

Stay tuned to Bitdefender Twitter and LinkedIn channels for more exciting updates in the meantime and see you in Dubai! 

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