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Don’t Let Data Loss Spook You

Spooky ghosts, vampires and Frankensteins notwithstanding, organizations world over shudder from one spine-chilling scare – the data breach. There are few enterprise-level catastrophes that can be as invasive, detrimental and plain horrifying as a security breach. With $3.92 million being the average cost of a breach, not including the loss of customer trust, diminished business reputation and the terrifying threat of the stolen data being sold on the dark web, a security breach is a class apart as far as org-ghouls go.

Even with the best defense in place — top-line SaaS products, anti-virus software, robust firewalls, monitoring tools, anti-spam filters, employee training — breaches can and do happen. The most secure SaaS platforms are vulnerable to data loss due to human error, malicious intent, sync errors, or malware at your end. Additionally, compliance laws like GDPR and HIPAA mandate that data protection is a “shared responsibility” between your organization and the SaaS partner. The answer to all these grisly scenarios? Take the scare out of them with a dependable backup and recovery solution.

Automated cloud-to-cloud backup that conforms to stringent compliance regulations ensures that you have an accurate and up-to-date copy of your SaaS data. This is a life-saver in the event of a breach — you can easily and quickly restore your lost or corrupt data with just a few clicks; thus facilitating disaster recovery and guaranteeing business continuity. 

Dennis Publishing, a leading content publisher in the UK and US with a large and loyal reader base, thought best to prepare for the specter of data loss with the reliability of Spanning Backup. As Shoaib Laher, the Head of IT at Dennis Publishing says, “I would say this to a company that forgoes backup – Don’t do it! The costs outweigh the cost of lost data.” 

Spanning comprehensively and dependably backs up Gmail, Google Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites. Moreover, it allows you to easily restore emails, contacts, and documents right from within G Suite, in minutes.

See how Dennis Publishing keeps their data safe — along with 1.4 million other users who trust Spanning Backup to provide complete protection of their Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce data.  

Put the Data Loss ghoul to rest.

Back up your data today

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