Acunetix Takes Part in the Grid Sprint

It was a very rewarding experience for the Acunetix team, as we took part in the Grid Sprint, Malta’s largest growing outdoor sports event. The event took place on Sat, Oct 19th, 2019 and its aim was to raise awareness about mental health issues in support of the Richmond Foundation, which supports people experiencing mental health problems throughout their journey towards well-being.

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The Grid Sprint includes a course of more than six kilometers of flat surface and hills, 25+ obstacles, including obstacles in the sand and the sea. What an amazing opportunity and a great way not only to challenge ourselves mentally and physically but also to make great memories and build friendships.

OksanaPureOksana Pure Marketing Manager

Oksana Pure is a Marketing Manager at Acunetix. She is a world citizen, having worked in Australia, Latvia, France and now Malta. An experienced marketing professional, she is interested in branding, online marketing, and communications.

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