Lion Air Data Breach! Another Misconfigured S3 Bucket

Ecuador’s Population Exposed in Data Breach

Ecuador’s Population Exposed in Data Breach

Ecuador’s Population Exposed in Data Breach We’ve seen a multitude of company data breaches this year, and a lot of those as a result of an exposed Elastic Search Server, but an entire population being exposed, especially pertaining to children, is…

Lion Air Data Breach! Another Misconfigured S3 Bucket

According to Dark Reading, Lion Air’s breach resulted when files containing the Indonesian airlines’ passenger names, passport numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and other data — was left openly accessible in an AWS S3 Bucket.

DivvyCloud CTO and co-founder, Chris DeRamus, recently spoke with Dark Reading about the breach that reportedly exposed data on millions of passengers of two Lion Air airline subsidiaries.

Amazon has been actively working to help companies avoid breaches caused by misconfigurations. It has also added a number of new features to augment data protection and simplify compliance. For instance, AWS has made it easier for organizations to ensure encryption of all new objects, along with monitoring and reporting on their encryption status. AWS also has guidance on using tools like AWS Config to monitor and respond to S3 buckets that allow public access.


Breaches of data in the cloud are on the rise, not breaches of the underlying cloud provider’s infrastructure. The cloud provider is responsible – and typically successful in – securing the underlying components of cloud services.


It is up to the customer to ensure secure use by properly configuring identity and access management, storage, and compute settings, and using threat analysis and defense tools to mitigate threats. Automated tools are available that allow organizations to perform real-time, continuous discovery of cloud infrastructure resources and to identify risks and threats that need to be remediated.

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