Instart August 2019 product release

Instart added another new set of great capabilities during last month’s release, focusing on enhancements to several of our web security solutions. In this post, we’ll share the biggest highlights from the August 2019 release. 

Bot Management

Selenium WebDriver detection

Our bot management solution is now able to detect when WebDriver-based browser automation is in use. WebDriver is an API that allows for automated testing with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera browsers. It’s one of the most popular automation APIs for testing, but it has also become a favorite of malicious bot writers as well. This capability leverages new detection methods in the Nanovisor to detect when a full browser is being driven via WebDriver. Selenium is the most well-known system that includes WebDriver, but other automation systems use it as well. 

Web Security

Events screen enhancements

We have a great set of enhancements to the Events screen, which displays security events that have occurred and other important attack traffic information for investigation. The aggregated graph bars we show when doing group-by queries, such as by IP address, Browser, or Geography, are now split to show different types of security events (e.g. Web App Firewall, Rate Limiting and Custom/Bot ) at a glance. Additionally, when creating filters to find attack patterns, you can now specify multiple criteria — for example, adding ten countries or three browsers to a filter. Finally, you can also now incorporate network lists — which are a collection of IP addresses or geographies — into a search more easily. These capabilities allow simpler, more powerful filtering of security events in our web portal to discover attack patterns. 

Web Performance

Performance Overview dashboard

This new Performance Overview screen in our web portal allows customers to view a summary of the performance benefits from using our HTML Streaming feature for their dynamic web pages. This screen provides an overview of all the benefits this feature provides over a number of key web performance metrics including, Time to First Byte (when the first bit of HTML is received to the browser), DomContentLoaded (when the browser has loaded up the HTML document), and OnLoad (when the page is mostly displayed and interactive for the user).

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