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Facebookery: Liar, Liar, Hoodies On Fire

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via Kate Conger, Gabriel J.X. Dance and Mike Isaac reporting at The New York Times, comes news and a modicum of analysis by Daring Fireball John Gruber. Enjoy the latest data theft, misappropriation and mishandling revelations from the criminal enterprise also known as Facebook, Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) Moving Fast And Breaking Things Fiasco!

Daring Fireball

‘If these privacy violations weren’t so serious, and if Facebook weren’t so powerful and influential to the daily lives of billions, it would be comical the way they vastly underestimate any and all privacy or security problems, only to come back months later with a more accurate number. They do it every time, and the errors are always in the direction of underreporting severity.’ – via John Gruber writing at Daring Fireball’s

The New York Times:

‘The extent of how many apps Facebook had cut off was revealed in court filings that were unsealed later on Friday by a state court in Boston, as part of an investigation by the Massachusetts attorney general into the technology company. The documents showed that Facebook had suspended 69,000 apps. Of those, the majority were terminated because the developers did not cooperate with Facebook’s investigation; 10,000 were flagged for potentially misappropriating personal data from Facebook users.’ – via Kate Conger, Gabriel J.X. Dance and Mike Isaac writing at The New York Times

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