Ecuador’s Population Exposed in Data Breach

Ecuador’s Population Exposed in Data Breach

We’ve seen a multitude of company data breaches this year, and a lot of those as a result of an exposed Elastic Search Server, but an entire population being exposed, especially pertaining to children, is troubling. 

DivvyCloud co-founder & CTO,  Chris DeRamus, recently spoke with Information Security Buzz on the misconfigured Elastic Search Server that exposed the entire population of Ecuador.  

The misconfiguration of an Elasticsearch server left 20.8 million user records exposed – more than the entire population of Ecuador which is about 16.6 million. We’ve seen numerous times how a misconfiguration can expose nearly every customer of a company, but this might be the first instance in which the people of an entire country were put at risk.


Misconfigurations are frightfully common, but there are simple and highly effective ways to prevent them. All organizations, everywhere in the world, should deploy automated cloud security solutions that can ensure databases are configured correctly from the beginning, so there is never a risk of misconfiguration. Even as environments change (which is quite often, especially when dealing with the cloud), these solutions provide continuous monitoring and will alert the appropriate personnel in the event of a change that could lead to a security risk, or even trigger automated remediation in real-time. This way, Elasticsearch databases and other assets never have the opportunity to be exposed, even temporarily.

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