Defense in focus: with new technology comes new risk


In an opinion piece for Global Defense Technology Magazine, Dr Guy Bunker, Clearswift CTO, takes a detailed look at the security risks posed by emerging digital technologies and suggests ways the defense industry can secure its IT ecosystem against them. 

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In any industry, the strive for digital transformation brings with it risk as well as opportunity. This is no more apparent than in the defense sector where several high-profile incidents have exposed vulnerabilities in areas such as email applications and other connected IoT devices

As technology continues to bring new possibilities, what can the defense industry do to ensure that when these technologies are deployed, the risks to our national security are minimalized? 

  1. 1. Assess the threat from new tech before its implemented the first consideration must be what can the new device/technology access? And would the network be at risk when it’s connected? Devices with unrestricted access need to be carefully managed to ensure that apps are not unknowingly installed. Where this isn’t possible, controls need to be put in place to protect critical information.

  2. 2. Protect the whole supply chain today, it’s not just about the front-line armed forces, cyber security issues affect the whole of the defense supply chain and the contractors who work within it. This can present challenges to collaborative projects or when new partners are brought on board, but with a strategic approach to risk management – one that seeks input from security experts to help determine protection strategies – the whole sector can protect itself and remain competitive. 

  3. 3. Investigate security solutions there are a significant number of technologies that can help protect against new cyber security threats. The use of direction agnostic adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP) solutions can ensure that data cannot be leaked from the network through IoT vulnerabilities, while next-generation email and web security software can strengthen defenses against information-borne attacks. 

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