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CySA+: Maintaining employee skill level

Introduction: Why educate your employees with cybersecurity skills?

When it comes to protecting digital assets, one of the most important resources a company has is a cyber-educated workforce. Everyone, regardless of role and expertise, should be involved in programs and training that arm them against malicious hackers’ attempts. Whether it is basic awareness training for non-IT employees or more advanced cybersecurity training for the information systems managers, a company should prioritize and devote resources to educating its workforce in the latest cybersecurity threats and protection methods.

Users are often the weakest link in an organization in terms of cybersecurity, and attackers are good at continuously changing tactics and approaches to gain access to systems. Therefore, reinforcing the human factor is one of the best plans of action in order to prevent risk of loss, leakage or corruption of information. Once aware, most employees will become better engaged in prevention and provide an effective first barrier against intrusions.

The importance of training is also paramount for skilled IT employees who can also flourish in a role as a security analyst. In fact, those who do become an entry-level cybersecurity analyst will be a valuable team member for securing business assets.

How to refine general cybersecurity employee skills

With companies storing and transmitting sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data through digital means, it is obvious that an unauthorized access and disclosure can have devastating effects — not only in terms of operational readiness, but also of company reputation and compliance with regulations.

Of course, training needs to be tailored to the employees’ role within the company. In addition to basic awareness classes, companies should always look for ways to keep the workforce engaged and focused on the protection of digital assets. Creativity in devising an effective awareness program that goes beyond classroom (Read more...)

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