California Assembly Member Leveraging Familial Connection To Ring

via Kate Cox, writing at Ars Technica, comes this superb reportage; in which, Ms. Cox details the highly troubling connections between California Assemblywoman Irwin, her husband Jon Irwin, COO of Ring (a subsidiary of Amazon LLC (NASDAQ: AMZN)(the corporate owner of Ring)) and several hundred police organizations.

More than simply a conflict of interest, California Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin’s actions are borderline Fascist in nature. Read all about it, and weep for your country.

“The California legislature worked through the summer to finalize the text of the state’s landmark data privacy law before time to make amendments ran out on Friday. In the Assembly (California’s lower house), Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin has been a key voice and vote backing motions that would weaken the law, and a new report says her reasoning may be very, very close to home.”
“A review of state ethics documents conducted by Politico found that Ms. Irwin is married to Jon Irwin, the chief operating officer of Amazon’s controversial Ring home surveillance business. That company stands to benefit if the California law is weakened in certain key ways before it can take effect.” – via Kate Cox, writing at Ars Technica, with this superb piece of reportage

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