Book Review – Cyber Risk Leaders: Global C-Suite Insights

One thing that I really like about LinkedIn is the opportunity it provides to meet people from all over the world who are experts at what they do. I have been blessed with the chance to interact with outstanding cybersecurity leaders from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and all over the USA in surprising ways that I never thought possible a decade ago.  

One great example of this has been my interactions with Ms. Shamane Tan from Australia. Ms. Tan is an inspiring, passionate leader who offers global insights and perspectives that are very helpful and different than many others. She goes out of her way to interact with diverse groups from around the globe on a wide range of topics that impact the wold-wide cybersecurity industry and technology leaders from varied backgrounds, experiences and cultures.   

Shamane Tan’s LinkedIn profile describes her as an “Executive Advisor, APAC | Author, International Industry Speaker, Panel Moderator and Influencer.” After completing her education in Singapore, Ms. Tan worked for Eames Consulting Group as a Senior Infrastructure Consultant. She moved to become a Principle Consultant & Cybersecurity Specialist for Naviro in Sydney, Australia, from 2015-2018.

By Ms. Tan is best known for becoming the Founder of “Cyber Risk Meetup” in 2017. Cyber Risk Meetup is now Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore. Website:   

Shamane Tan is now an Executive Advisor for Privasec. She works with the C-Suite and executives to examine various approaches in uplifting the corporate and individual’s security posture in this cyber age. Whilst also managing our APAC relations, she has successfully enabled businesses in Australia & Singapore, as well as enterprises & agencies to be well equipped in key cyber risk aspects.

She is quoted in media around the world, and is especially (Read more...)

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