[Webinars] Cloud security and open source licensing

Learn how to adopt a cloud-native model for application security and how to mitigate legal risk by better understanding open source licensing obligations.

Cloud security webinar

Achieving Security Outcomes in a Cloud-Native World

Modern enterprises are moving to hybrid cloud solutions, containers, microservices, and functions for their core applications. At the same time, technology teams are implementing agile and DevOps models for software development, deployment, and operations. These changes provide the business with measurable benefits in terms of agility and execution, but they also create the need for a shift in traditional approaches to cyber security. To respond, security leaders need to adopt a cloud-native model for security.

Cloud security webinar

In this webinar, we’ll examine how solutions from Pivotal and Synopsys enable this move, allowing security teams to achieve their target outcomes while acting as a key enabler, helping the business with their application transformation efforts.

What: Achieving Security Outcomes in a Cloud-Native World

When: Wednesday, Aug. 14 @ 12 p.m. Eastern

Who: Steve White, field CISO, Pivotal Software; Dave Meurer, senior technical alliances manager, Synopsys

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Open source licenses webinar

What You Need to Know About Open Source Licensing

Virtually every organization uses open source software, and lots of it, to create efficiencies in software development. But left unmanaged, open source can introduce legal, IP, compliance, and other risks for the business. With over 2,500 different licenses in use, legal professionals and technical managers need to understand the license obligations associated with open source and how to mitigate risks.

Open source licensing webinar

Join top open source legal experts Mark Radcliffe from DLA Piper and Tony Decicco from GTC Law Group for a webinar as they do a deep dive into the types of open source licenses that could present challenges. They’ll cover:

  • The history and risk of open source software
  • Intellectual property law for software licensing
  • The most popular licenses and their obligations
  • Practical advice for helping your organizations or clients

What: What You Need to Know About Open Source Licensing

When: Thursday, Aug. 15 @ 12 p.m. Eastern

Who: Mark Radcliffe, DLA Piper; Tony Decicco, GTC Law Group; Phil Odence, Synopsys

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