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Until Hackers Give Up, CISOs Must Always Do This

Frank Gillman, CISO, Lewis Brisbois

In the early 2000’s, UPS advertised that they moved “at the speed of business.” The implication was business moves quickly and UPS accommodated businesses by moving quickly too. Logistics experts however aren’t the only ones that need to be nimble. CISOs also need to respond quickly to change. For a business to remain viable, it must invest in innovation which increasingly involves adopting new technologies. AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, and other technologies pose great opportunities for business growth but also grave risk to sensitive data like PII, PHI, and IP. If you’re a CISO who fails to keep pace with these risks, you’ll be undone by the hacker who exploits those risks. You therefore must stay current with not only technology but also cybercrime because, like technologists, hackers are always innovating. Once you stop learning, you stop being prepared.

I recently sat down with Frank Gillman, CISO for Lewis Brisbois, to learn about his role. In this video, Frank shares his views on preparation for the next big thing in cybercrime. While it may seem like a Sisyphean task, there are numerous ways CISOs can stay prepared.

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