Modern CISO’s Don’t Say This Word Anymore

Larry Whiteside, Veteran CISO and Cybersecurity Thought Leader

When it’s your job to limit risk, it’s understandable to be wary of anything new. It’s much easier to stick to the formula because it’s safe and predictable. In a competitive business environment, however, the company that avoids innovation falls behind. Nevertheless if a company adopts a new technology solution with no consideration given to protecting customer information or intellectual property, a data breach is inevitable. While it would be easier to say “no” to avoid unnecessary risk, doing so will stunt company growth, and eventually the CISO’s career. The CISO’s only alternative therefore is to say “yes” but with the caveat that data security must be ensured.

I recently sat down with Larry Whiteside, a veteran CISO and cybertechnology thought leader, to explore the many challenges CISOs face and how those challenges can affect their job satisfaction and career path. In this video, Larry shares how a CISO’s ability to say “yes” to technology investments, followed by a plan that limits any subsequent risk, ultimately determines that CISO’s success.

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