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IntelliGO has been named a representative vendor in the Gartner 2019 Managed Detection and Response Market Guide. In this brief video we turn to IntelliGO’s senior leadership to explore the outcomes that the guide drives for small to medium-sized enterprises, what inclusion means for IntelliGO, and the reasons for it.

Watch the video or read the transcript below. Read the press release here.

Voiceover: IntelliGO networks has been recognized by Gartner, appearing for the second year in a row in their Managed Detection and Response Market Guide. We turn to IntelliGO’s leadership team for their reactions, starting with “What drives their efforts at IntelliGO?”

Adam Mansour, Chief Technology Officer: Our motivation at IntelliGO is really simple; we need to find and stop threats.

Jennifer Mitchell, VP Operations and Delivery: So, here at IntelliGO, our focus, first and foremost, has always been client centricity;

Khaled Mansour, Chief Executive Officer: IntelliGO is in the MDR services business to reduce risk, to protect clients, to protect their information.

Effi Lipsman, Vice President Sales & Channels: Being included in the [MDR] Market Guide demonstrates how IntelliGO goes above and beyond fitting a lot of those recommendations and really meeting a lot of the client needs.

What outcomes will the guide drive?

Khaled: It does a great job of explaining the difference between MDR and MSSPs. It also explains the what differentiates some MDR services providers from one another. It identifies the gaps that a number of service providers are still having, and I’m glad to see that many of those gaps have been addressed by IntelliGO.

Effi: This is a validation of the high-value services that our partners can no offer their prospective clients, in a way that complements their offering today, but in a way that’s also differentiated, (Read more...)

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