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21 free training resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM 2020)

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — your best opportunity to jumpstart security awareness at your organization and highlight the importance for every employee to adopt secure habits.

At Infosec, we specialize in security awareness and training and want to give you the tools to elevate cybersecurity at your organization this October and beyond.

That’s why we built a one-month security awareness and training campaign loaded with 21 themed training resources. Use our campaign kit to reinforce cybersecurity best practices and keep your employees engaged every step of the way.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month toolkit — Welcome to the Wild Wild Net

Ride West this October and help your employees catch the Wild Wild Net’s most wanted cyber bandits.


Just like wanted posters in the Wild West helped the public recognize the region’s most infamous villains, our free training kit personifies common cyber threats to make them memorable and help prepare your employees for the real attacks they face.

Download the Wild Wild Net Campaign Kit for everything you need to run a security awareness campaign your employees won’t soon forget.

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Capture employee attention with themed posters

Will your workforce catch Malware Mel, Phyllis the Phisher and the rest of the cyber outlaws? Share posters with every employee or hang them in common areas to keep cyber threats top-of-mind.

NCSAM - wild wild net posters

Dig into the details with infographics

The Wild Wild Net is a large and treacherous place. Share one corner of the Wild Wild Net map each week to shed light on cybercriminals’ favorite hideouts.

Reinforce your message with easy-to-understand articles

Layered communication is the key to running an educational and engaging security awareness campaign. Use pre-built articles to reinforce lessons on your intranet or in email newsletters.

Extend the campaign theme to employee screensavers

Want another way to keep (Read more...)

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