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For the longest time, certifications focusing on high-quality, intermediate cybersecurity skills were hard to come by. Recent changes in the cyberattack landscape prompted the release of the Cyber Security Analyst, or CySA+, certification for cybersecurity analysts and other information security professionals. 

This article will detail the current status of the CySA+ certification, including what CySA+ is, what material it covers, current exam details and question format. This article will give you a solid picture of the exam as a whole and will leave you in a better position to determine if this certification is right for you.

What is CySA+?

The CompTIA CySA+ is an intermediate-level professional IT workforce certification that was originally released in 2017. This certification was originally released as CSA+, but due to an undisclosed copyright issue, the naming acronym was changed to CySA+. This certification bridges the proverbial gap between fundamental IT certifications and advanced skill level certifications. 

CySA+ is a relatively new certification — so new that it is only on its first official exam version, CS0-001. The lifespan of the certification is three years, so it is unlikely that we will see another version until 2020 at the earliest. 

Why CySA+?

Simply put, CySA+ is a product of the new era of cyberattacks we are now living in. Beginning in approximately 2013, cyberattackers shifted their focus from firewalls and antivirus-based attacks to new attack approaches including the target breach, Advanced Persistent Threat and others. This change in cyberattacks necessitated the inception of a security analytics-focused certification that covers these new cyberattack technologies unlike older certifications.

What does CySA+ cover?

CySA+ covers a significant spread of cybersecurity knowledge, divided up into four domains of knowledge. These domains are:

  • 1.0 Threat Management
  • 2.0 Vulnerability Management
  • 3.0 Cyber Incident Response
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