ZeroNorth Platform Update: Scale Risk Management and Visibility With Deeper Integrations, Extended Orchestration Capabilities

As part of our recently announced $10 million venture capital investment, we are focusing on broadening the ZeroNorth platform capabilities to help organizations like yours have more comprehensive risk visibility throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Today we announced updates to the ZeroNorth orchestrated risk management platform that allow you to scale your risk management capabilities, to help make vulnerability discovery and your whole security program more efficient so your team can focus on remediation and security engineering.

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These updates include:

  • Broader orchestration capabilities that provide governance at scale for security and audit without affecting software development velocity.
  • Deeper integrations across the SDLC, including with Fortify on Demand 19.2 DAST and fully orchestrated SAST, Coverity 2018.12 and AWS Security Hub.
  • Support for more architectures and environments, so whether you need private cloud or on-prem, we can meet security requirements.

You can read more details of the release here. If you’d like to go a bit deeper, you can watch our 20-minute speed demo video or contact us for a conversation.

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