Medical Device Security with Special Guest John Nye

In episode 90 of our monthly show we discuss medical device security with John Nye, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Research and Communication at CynergisTek. Do you use an insulin pump, have a pacemaker or other medical device implant? Are you concerned about medical device security and what the future holds for technology like this? If so, this is one show not to miss! The Shared Security Podcast is proudly sponsored by Silent Pocket and Edgewise Networks.

Here are show notes and topics we covered with John:

  • Should we be concerned about medical device security? Are the attacks we hear about in the news theoretical or is there really cause for concern?
  • Some recent medical device news stories that are concerning: Doctors concerned about medical device security, Insulin pump hacking
  • How medical devices get hacked and what the real threat is
  • What should hospitals and other health care organizations should do to help better secure medical devices
  • What the FDA on other government regulators are doing
  • What can the cybersecurity industry do to better secure medical devices
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