Bitdefender Expands Sandbox Workflows and Use-Cases with On-Prem Deployment

  • Bitdefender announces controlled availability release of GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises 
  • Improves targeted attack detection across multiple vectors with enhanced data security and privacy 
  • Integrates with Bitdefender and third-party solutions for complex workflows and automated response  

Introducing GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises 

Today Bitdefender announces the controlled availability (CA) release of GravityZone™ Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises, building upon our many years of delivering industry-leading malware analysis sandboxing functionality in the cloud. The new ground-based Sandbox Analyzer expands Bitdefender’s breach avoidance usecases and workflows to cover suspicious files that reach the endpoint from risky web, email and network activity for the most security-conscious and performance-oriented enterprises. At the same time, it supports broader security integration and automation objectives to meet the demands of our customers and their modern, virtualized datacenters. 

Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Web Page 

Leveraging Bitdefender’s Sandboxing Expertise 

GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises is a version of Bitdefender’s well-proven and mature Cloud Sandbox Analyzer, built and packaged specifically for on-premises deployment. This software virtual appliance, designed to run on hardware hosted by the customer, provides near-real-time behavioral analysis of potentially malicious code in a controlled environment through dynamic analysis of the complete malware lifecycle, including: 

  • Conducting baseline measurements of the virtual analysis environment 
  • Performing suspicious code execution in a replica of the customer’s production configuration 
  • Evaluating changes to the virtual machine during and after sample execution 
  • Providing a comprehensive report of all behavior and suspicious or malicious indicators
  • Delivering a malicious verdict and severity score that can drive automated or manual actions 

Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Data Sheet 

Benefits of On-Premises Deployment 

Customers benefit from on-prem sandboxing over cloud sandboxing when they require any of the following: 

  • Targeted attack protection – Precise sandbox detection using customizable detonation “golden images” that replicate actual production workstations or VDI configurations 
  • High security environment – All sample analysis takes place onsite and no files or data ever go offsite 
  • Data privacy and compliance – User and machine identities remain local with no vendor data leakage 
  • Performance and scalability – Parallel processing throughput and runtime controlled by the customer 
  • Security integration and automation – Design custom end-to-end workflows using APIs (SIEM, SOAR) 
  • Security virtualization – 100% virtual appliances run on commodity virtualized servers, freeing administrators from the demands of managing yet another category of proprietary security hardware 

Enhanced Multi-Vector Security 

Malware sandboxing—using virtual machines to analyze suspicious files safely in isolation—strengthens enterprise security across key workflows and usecases along the attack vectors where users spend most of their time, and where the enterprise is exposed to the greatest degree of risk, including: 

  • Web file downloads 
  • Email file attachments 
  • Network file transfers 

The Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises supports a wide range of file types for analysis—including executable files, Office documents, PDFs, packed and achieved files, and other types most often used for malware delivery—and can be configured to monitor files or withhold them from the user pending the sandbox verdict, according to each customer’s requirements. 

Flexible Sandbox Submission 

The Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises supports multiple file submission and retrieval mechanisms mapped to common customer workflows, including: 

  • Automatic submission from Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) Client 
  • Automatic submission from GravityZone Central Quarantine 
  • Automatic submission from network file extraction 
  • Manual submission through GravityZone Control Center  
  • Manual or automated file submission and results retrieval via API 

Upgrade Your Security Today 

With the controlled availability release of Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises, we invite our customers to participate in the CA program to explore the expanded array of powerful workflows and integrations that high-performance, ultra-secure local sandboxing provides—all with expert support from Bitdefender. We also invite our Worldwide Channel Partners to engage with this exciting new sandboxing solution and to promote it to their customers and prospects. We’re here to help every step of the way! 

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