[Webinars] Tech due diligence and AppSec tools for developers

Learn how to manage your software asset risk in tech due diligence, and discover AppSec tools and techniques to enable your developers to build security in.

Learn how to manage risk in software assets with our tech due diligence webinar

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Streamlining Your Tech Due Diligence Process for Software Assets

Open source, legal, compliance, security, and code quality risks all come into play when you’re acquiring a company where the technology is a large part of the deal valuation. And if you’re making multiple acquisitions a year, how do you ensure that your tech due diligence process addresses each of these potential risks, all while moving at the speed of the deal?

Learn how to address risks in our tech due diligence webinar

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can streamline your tech due diligence process without sacrificing quality assessments. We’ll cover:

  • Understanding open source, its license obligations, and its security vulnerabilities
  • Testing the overall security of code assets, including proprietary code
  • Understanding potential points of data leakage via third-party web API integrations
  • Steps for creating a repeatable software asset audit process

What: Streamlining Your Tech Due Diligence Process for Software Assets

When: June 27 @ 12 p.m. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific

Who: Tim Mackey, principal security strategist, Synopsys; Phil Odence, GM of Black Duck Audits, Synopsys

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Developers Are Your Greatest AppSec Resource—Here’s How to Activate Them

Application vulnerabilities are a prime target for attackers, and the critical task of identifying and remediating these flaws before they’re exploited can be daunting, especially for organizations adopting DevOps and CI/CD practices. Security teams don’t have the time or resources to find and fix every vulnerability, and developers prefer to do what they do best—build and deploy features quickly. Fortunately, developers can be good at their jobs and be your most effective application security resources if you enable them with low-friction tools and training at the precise time they need them.

Learn more in our AppSec tools for developers webinar

Join guest speaker Amy DeMartine, principal analyst at Forrester Research, and Utsav Sanghani, senior product manager at Synopsys, as they explore tools and techniques that can transform your developers into AppSec rock stars:

  • Rapid and continuous in-IDE security testing helps your developers find and fix issues before they ever get committed to your codebase.
  • Short, contextualized AppSec training modules delivered to developers in real time teaches them how to prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Open source management helps your developers identify and avoid risky OSS components, as most modern applications contain more open source code than proprietary code.

What: Developers Are Your Greatest AppSec Resource–Here’s How to Activate Them

When: June 25 @ 2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific

Who: Amy DeMartine, principal analyst, Forrester; Utsav Sanghani, senior product manager, Synopsys

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