The future of employee monitoring


In this article, we discuss employee monitoring inside and outside the workplace. We’ll look at current capabilities and challenges faced by these solutions today and the possible improvements that future solutions will be able to provide. The aim of this article is to attempt to make projections of the future with regard to employee monitoring, as well as discuss the associated legal and privacy concerns that employers are likely to face today.

An overview of current employee monitoring

Employee monitoring enables organizations to track the activities that employees engage in so that they can measure their productivity and determine the amount of work done. For instance, organizations can use monitoring solutions to determine employee attendance, number of hours worked and even ensure security of sensitive information.

This information is important when it comes to decision-making within the organization. But while employers are able to collect quite a lot of information today, this comes without some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of current employee monitoring

The following are some of the advantages that have encouraged employers to deploy employee-monitoring solutions within the workplace:

  • Less wasted time: Monitoring solutions allow employers to log and track the amount of work done over a specific period of time. This is especially useful where employees are paid per number of hours worked. As an employer, getting this right translates to cash savings for your organization
  • Efficiency at work: Monitoring groups of workers on a project can greatly improve the efficiency of the team by ensuring that teams are prioritizing the right amount of work and not wasting time. The transparency of work done is also guaranteed
  • Informed decisions: As an employer, the ability to make informed decisions concerning, for instance, delegation of duties is greatly improved when your organization has some form of monitoring solution (Read more...)

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