Synopsys receives a 2019 SD Times 100 award in security

As a software security company, we value recognition from development organizations above all else. So we’re pleased to receive a 2019 SD Times 100 security award.

Synopsys receives a 2019 SD Times 100 award in security

Industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester continue to recognize Synopsys Software Integrity Group as a leader in software security. But for a software security company, the true sign of success is praise from the software development organizations who are using your products. After all, as the SD Times says, “Leadership and innovation can’t be measured by stock valuations or analyst reports.” So we’re pleased to announce that the development community has given us their stamp of approval with a 2019 SD Times 100 award.

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2019 SD Times 100 award in Software Development

Since 2003, SD Times (the Software Development Times online magazine) has recognized “the top innovators and leaders in multiple software development industry areas” every year. The editors at DT Emerge (SD Times’ parent company) and SD Times readers nominate software initiatives, including organizations (commercial and noncommercial) and open source projects. The editorial staff at SD Times reviews nominees in terms of innovation and leadership. Offerings, reputation, industry buzz, and ability to set a direction for developers and an agenda for the industry are some of the criteria they use to evaluate nominees.

The 2019 SD Times 100 recognizes those companies and organizations that are the leaders, innovators and influencers in the software development market. They have flown ahead of the flock with new, innovative projects or by establishing leadership positions, or by influencing how and what we create.

SD Times

On June 4, SD Times announced the 100 companies receiving 2019 SD Times 100 “Best in Show” in Software Development awards. The organization gives awards to winners in 10 categories, including Development Tools, DevOps, and Testing. Synopsys won in the Security category. Not only is this a repeat of last year’s win, but it continues a long series of SD Times 100 awards for Synopsys, Black Duck, and Coverity dating back to 2012.

Synopsys receives a 2019 SD Times 100 award in security

Why we won a security award

Synopsys helps development teams build secure, high-quality software faster. Through its portfolio of tools and services, Synopsys enables teams to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities and defects throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

This year, Synopsys introduced the Polaris Software Integrity Platform™, which brings the power of its products and services together into an integrated, easy-to-use solution that provides comprehensive application security from developer to deployment.

We serve over a million development, DevOps, QA, and security professionals across 4,000 organizations worldwide with tools that enable developers to take direct ownership of application security without slowing them down.

Security products for developers

The Code Sight™ IDE plugin is the only developer-focused product that ensures automatic, on-the-fly, 360-degree security compliance before code is committed into source control. It integrates with all tier-1 integrated development environments to provide security and quality defects for an open file or set of files through local, high-fidelity scans.

The Code Sight integration with our eLearning platform gives developers immediate access to context-sensitive coursework so they can learn about unfamiliar security defects—and how to remediate them—as they code.

Similarly, other solutions like Black Duck Radar can help you select compliant and more secure OSS components from the web before you download them for use internally through a simple Chrome browser plugin.

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