Recorded Futures’ Discovery, Fishwrappery

via Sean Gallagher, reporting for Ars Technica, details the discovery of a Fishwrapping influence effort (whence the Fishwrappers, as it were, execute the rerunning of old terror news on various social network outlets). The discovery (PDF) – made by Recorded Future’s (a security intelligence organization) threat intelligence algorithms, and annouced via the company’s blog.

“The Fishwrap campaign consisted of three clusters of accounts. The first wave was active from May to October of 2018, after which many of the accounts shut down; a second wave launched in November of 2018 and remained active through April 2019. And some accounts remained active for the entire period. All of the accounts used domain shorteners hosted on a total of 10 domains but using identical code.” – via Sean Gallagher, reporting for Ars Technica

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