IT auditor resume tips


Resumes are powerful tools that are necessary to get most jobs today — especially those that require education and experience. They are often your first way to let organizations know what you are capable of and how you can fit into the organization, based on your skill set and knowledge level. IT auditor roles are no exception, and to be as successful as possible in your IT auditor job search, you will want a finely crafted resume to help you put your best foot forward.

This article will detail what to include in your resume and how to phrase what you are trying to say in order to maximize the positive impact that your resume can have. Keep in mind that this article should only serve as a guide and is not intended to be a substitute for a well-worded cover letter.

IT auditor resume tips

1. Use an IT auditor-focused career objective

You are probably already using a Career Objectives section, but are you using it as effectively as possible? Since Career Objectives is normally the first section in a resume, it is your first (and sometimes only) way to introduce yourself as the right fit for the role.

IT auditors typically perform detailed, high-level tasks for their organization, so make sure to include as much detail as you need to — but remember to not weigh down the HR professional with too much. You can also add your goals for the position, including how you plan to leave an impact on the organization. For example, you can say “I plan to develop and implement a comprehensive action plan that will ensure all organization needs are met and will identify all weak points within the organization’s information system and execute resolution to meet information system standards.”

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