IT auditor certifications


Whenever you want to move to a new position in life, whether it be professionally speaking or otherwise, it’s natural to want to get a leg up on the competition. One of the rising stars of the IT career field is IT auditor, and it is no exception to this rule of competition.

Certifications are a great way to stand apart from the crowd as an IT auditor, and this article will help you find out what you need to know about IT auditor certifications.

IT auditor job description

IT auditors are responsible for analyzing an organization’s IT systems, applications and processes to ensure that they meet the organization’s operational, legal and governance needs. IT auditors also determine whether any security risks or other inefficiencies exist within organization IT systems.

IT auditor certification requirements

Technically speaking, certifications are not required for IT auditor jobs unless the organization requests it. Despite this, earning certifications towards an IT auditor role can go miles towards your career goals. The IT auditor field is competitive, and while you may not be required to hold a certification, you might as well assume that your competition has them. Going above and beyond by earning at least one certification will leave you no worse than your competition — and don’t we all want an even playing field?

IT auditor certifications

There are several IT auditor certifications you can choose to earn, and you may want to earn as many as possible to improve your resume. Of course you know what you know, but organizations prefer as much verification as possible, and certifications verify your skills like none other.

The following is a comprehensive summary of the relevant certifications for the IT auditor role.


Hosted by ISACA, the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification (CISA) is considered (Read more...)

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