Introducing Imperva Cloud Data Security!

We are excited to announce that our latest data security innovation is now available worldwide! Made for the cloud, Imperva Cloud Data Security (CDS) builds on our industry-leading application and data security solutions, providing an industry-first, complete cloud data SaaS security solution that supports cloud migration, DBaaS adoption, and digital transformation growth programs.

Imperva Cloud Data Security can be deployed in minutes and provides immediate visibility and compliance controls over your data hosted in public cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS). With automated database discovery, data classification, activity monitoring, and security insights, CDS helps you confidently migrate business data to the cloud. It also makes important data security decisions easier, and supports data privacy and protection compliance efforts, all without impeding your digital transformation programs.

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The Cloud Movement and Growth of DBaaS

Why are we introducing Cloud Data Security now? Simply put, it’s to help organizations continue to innovate, advance their DevOps functions with the agility and efficiencies offered by the cloud, and transform their business digitally – all while alleviating security concerns as they move their data to the cloud.

Global investment in cloud services and infrastructure is huge and growing fast — estimated at $210 billion a year, and growing at a projected compound annual growth rate average of 22.5 percent annually over the next five years, according to IDC. That investment includes DBaaS, which many companies see as a lower-cost, more flexible, and scalable way to capture, store, and use the explosion of data from many sources that are driving digital innovation today. That includes the real-time data from smart devices, aka the Internet of Things. By 2025, IDC predicts that 49 percent of all data will be stored in public clouds.

With data increasingly recognized as an enterprise’s most valuable asset, it’s no surprise that some enterprises have reservations about porting their crown jewels to the cloud. They may be taking a staged approach, or keeping legacy data on-premises and using the cloud for new workloads. And they’re right to be thinking ahead. There are real security, privacy, and compliance risks around cloud databases that must be acknowledged and effectively managed to prevent breaches and avoid innocent or malicious exposure.

It is also important to note that, while prevailing shared responsibility models dictate that cloud providers and customers are both accountable for security, in actuality the security and financial risks fall mostly upon the enterprise. According to Gartner, up to 95 percent of cloud security failures by 2022 will be “the customer’s fault.” The cloud may lighten IT’s work in many ways, but security is not one of them.

What Security Experts said about DBaaS Adoption

In developing our solution, we conducted several primary research studies with IT leaders and security professionals at various industry events, and the findings were quite interesting.* See the findings in our infographic (click on it to view the entire graphic), or read on to learn more:

In one study, we discovered that 86 percent of companies surveyed were already utilizing a cloud database or DBaaS. Further, when selecting a cloud solution, 36 percent of respondents considered data security to be the most critical factor in their decision-making process, followed by scalability (23 percent), price (21 percent), and ease of development and deployment (13 percent).

Over half (58 percent) of respondents reported they had more faith in the security protocols of their on-premises database than in their cloud database. This isn’t surprising. You’re putting your trust in the cloud service provider to properly manage the database and ensure appropriate controls are enabled. Only 51 percent of respondents were confident that their cloud databases adhere to security best practices.

Data leakage was another concern. Twenty-nine percent of respondents reported they were most worried about data leakage from privileged users with potentially unrestricted access to critical systems and data. Not only do privileged users who inadvertently or maliciously impact the database pose a risk, so too do innocent insiders who have been compromised by malware and attackers.

Supporting DBaaS Visibility and Oversight — Imperva Cloud Data Security

In response to these security concerns, and our desire to enable customers to confidently innovate by adopting cloud databases, we created Cloud Data Security.

Companies looking to stay competitive can’t afford to ignore the cloud, but they can’t move data there without maintaining visibility and security, either. Imperva Cloud Data Security tackles this challenge for customers, so they don’t need to sacrifice protection for innovation, or vice-versa.

Cloud Data Security console

In simple terms, Imperva Cloud Data Security helps organizations:

  • Understand where their data is in the cloud
  • Deliver consistent data mapping: What’s sensitive? How is it classified against the core regulatory frameworks?
  • Drive insights into how users are interacting with, copying, and moving data
  • Automate analytics and security insights for security teams along with data interactions using machine learning and anomaly detection

All without impeding the business digital transformation programs underway.

The end result? Visibility and effective monitoring of your cloud data, with insights that highlight areas of concern and help you make decisions and ensure compliance quicker. With awareness, clarity, and oversight of your cloud data in place, you are on the right path to effectively mitigate the risk of accidental or malicious data breach events – whether by innocent insiders or malicious attackers.

Your Free, No-Obligation Trial Opportunity

In introducing the new cloud SaaS security offering, we’re providing qualified organizations — specifically those using the Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift DBaaS — a limited-time opportunity to try Imperva Cloud Data Security for 30 days, at no charge and with no obligation.

Simply follow this link to register for your free trial, or to simply schedule a short meeting and demonstration with our experts.

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