Enzoic Identified as a Leading Cyber Security Solution Provider

Enzoic has recently been listed in the 10 Leading Cyber Security Solution Providers in Beyond Protection. 

At any given moment, millions of
compromised user credentials – primarily passwords – are circulated across the
Internet and Dark Web from past data breaches. Reuse of passwords by users
across their online accounts is fertile ground for cybercriminals harvesting
username and password combinations for credential stuffing and account takeover

Enzoic (formerly PasswordPing)
understands that attacks using compromised credentials are a critical and
growing risk to most organizations’ security environment. Drawing on decades of
enterprise and commercial software experience, the Enzoic team has created
simple, robust, enterprise grade solutions to better secure an essential
security layer: the user authentication process.

Presently, Enzoic has two core solutions:

  1. An account takeover and fraud product to protect users and customers on consumer websites.
  2. An Active Directory plugin that helps protect employees from using compromised credentials.

These solutions draw from a massive cloud database of millions of
exposed login credentials continuously collected and updated from the Internet
and Dark Web. Enzoic’s clients leverage the APIs to securely access the
database and detect compromised credentials for their users, customers or
employees. These methods identify exposed credentials, harden password
security, and block account takeover attempts.

Enzoic is growing fast and 2019
is shaping up to be a transformative year for the company. 

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