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For any organization to compete and survive against other businesses, it has to spend on information technology (IT), which ensures operating efficiency, data integrity and compliance. However, with the rise in external and internal threats, companies’ IT systems could be exposed to security risks. This is where the knowledge and skills of an IT auditor come into play.

IT auditors are responsible for assessing and analyzing a company’s IT system to ensure systems and processes run efficiently and accurately. They can find work in any sector that requires auditing of its IT systems, including finance, energy, consulting, accounting and government. With IT jobs projected to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026, there’ll be plenty of job opportunities for years to come. Think of it this way: where there’s IT, you have a career!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the IT auditor position. What are the requirements? How much can you earn? What will your long-term growth prospects look like? These are just a few of the things we’ll explore using the CyberSeek Career Pathway tool.

This entry-level role is a great foundation for breaking into the field of information technology. The technical skills you acquire as an IT auditor will open up several routes to mid-level careers like cybersecurity consultant and penetration and vulnerability tester.

Brief overview of CyberSeek Career Pathway

CyberSeek Career Pathway will help you learn the ins and outs of the IT auditor position. The tool is basically an interactive site that hosts the latest information about cybersecurity and IT jobs.

So who benefits from this robust career tool?


If you’re in college and contemplating entering the information technology field, this is a great jumping-off point. Career Pathway will educate you on what to expect as an IT analyst. From (Read more...)

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