Advantages of online cybersecurity training [Updated 2020]

If there is one thing that can’t be denied, the Web has made the world a smaller place. People are able to work together towards common goals from across the planet, hang out, game and teach without many of the costs or barriers to entry that would have been in place five or ten years ago.

Certifications have long benefited from this kind of connectivity — being able to have on-demand testing instead of reserving giant rooms and staff reduced the costs involved for examinations tremendously. However, this method also has applied to studying for those exams as well.

Online cybersecurity training grew out of elements such as cloud computing, virtualization, video and text chat and so much more. We’re going to go over some of the benefits of this method compared to traditional classroom-based courses, as well as some of the unique post-class possibilities that this allows.

1. Transportation

A key element of online training is that it comes to you. While certain training programs for groups of students beyond a certain number also do this in traditional classroom-based courses, being able to do this potentially from your home goes above and beyond even having a dedicated room at your day job.

2. Focus

Off-site training and online training share a common element — being able to get away from the day-to-day requirements of your organization and focus in on what is being presented to the best of your ability.

Online training, however, takes this a step further to where you could potentially be doing this out of your home. This means that distractions are reduced to almost the absolute minimum possible. If your home responsibilities can be too distracting, you can move whatever you’re using for access to a place of your choosing — a library, a back (Read more...)

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