Visit Us at the National Homeland Security Conference 2019

National Homeland Security Conference

The National Homeland Security Conference is sponsored by the United States National Homeland Security Association. The conference is organized annually in various US locations since 2005. Its goal is to enable local homeland security and emergency management professionals to exchange information on anything related to the security of the country.

This year’s edition, #NHSC2019, takes place in Phoenix, Arizona on June 17th to 20th at the Phoenix Convention Center. Acunetix is exhibiting together with WinMill Software who are an Acunetix Expert Partner.

Drop by Booth #307 to talk to us. David Stone and Ben DiMolfetta from WinMill Software will be there to answer any questions that you might have. We will gladly discuss with you, how Acunetix can be of best use in homeland security and emergency management environments.

OksanaPureOksana Pure Marketing Manager

Oksana Pure is a Marketing Manager at Acunetix. She is a world citizen, having worked in Australia, Latvia, France and now Malta. An experienced marketing professional, she is interested in branding, online marketing, and communications.

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