HyTrust CloudControl 6.0 Unifies Security for Multi-Cloud Environments

Cybersecurity is becoming a critical concern for organizations adopting multi-cloud environments. That concern is further growing in magnitude thanks to widespread adoption of containers being used to power the next generation of hybrid cloud solutions. HyTrust is attempting to assuage some of those multi-cloud concerns with the latest iteration of CloudControl.

Cloud Control 6.0 aims to unify security across hybrid, multi-cloud, cloud-native architectures and the containers that run across those various scenarios. The product accomplishes that lofty goal by instituting a full-stack approach that brings consistent security controls and compliance into heterogeneous and dynamic cloud-enabled environments.

HyTrust has significant experience in the security arena and has offered  support for vSphere and NSX environments for some time. Cloud Control 6.0 adds support for AWS and Kubernetes, enabling it to address the security needs of both hybrid and multi-cloud environments while also enabling developers to bring consistency to security controls as applications are deployed via containers.

The primary capabilities of CloudControl 6.0 include: workload visibility, configuration hardening, container image assurance, administrator defined access controls and defined security postures. As a unified solution, HyTrust CloudControl 6.0 brings forth consistency across platforms while also allowing administrators to define security policies that are applied seamlessly across workloads. That, in turn, brings security automation to the DevOps process, further supporting DevSecOps initiatives.

According to the 2018 Cloud Security Report from Crowd Research Partners, adoption of cloud computing shows no signs of slowing, yet 9 out of 10 cybersecurity professionals report that security continues to be a prime concern. Gartner reports that concern is expected to persist as more workloads move to the cloud, amplifying security complexity and challenges such as poor visibility, insecure configurations and compromised images.

With the release of Cloud Control 6.0, HyTrust is addressing the issue of creating enterprise-level security for multiple deployments—in clouds, virtual machines, containers and on-premises—using a single platform. In the past, those types of deployments required their own, independent security systems.

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