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Find Relief In a Good Malware Policy

Are you tired yet?

If you’re reading this blog, you likely already understand the critical nature of malware prevention and the need for overall digital awareness, both at work and at home. You probably also know the number of computer security incidents related to viruses, spyware, computer worms, and other disruptive elements continues to escalate, resulting in a loss of business productivity and profit. What a lot of folks don’t realize is how vigilance in cybersecurity carries with it a certain degree of fatigue, as the protocol for detection and defense continues to evolve over time. That means staying on top of your security responsibilities while also maintaining a sense of perspective and confidence is key to a sustainable process, one that you can trust is working even when you are not.

What Is Malware

From ransomware to spyware to adware to cryptomining, malware these days is a bit of a multi-headed beast. At best, it is capable of slowing down operations until the infected party realizes their breach, and at worst, it is a doomsday sign of financial ruin. And whether or not malware achieves the former or the latter in a targeted system does not depend entirely on the company’s abilities, professionalism, or monetary resources — but rather on finding ways to battle security fatigue by creating a highly functioning cybersecurity plan.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Just look at major businesses like Facebook, Quora, and Marriott, all of whom experienced considerable losses when their systems were unknowingly penetrated by bad actors. These corporations certainly don’t suffer from a lack of staffing or budgeting, so how did they end up under the thumb of a mega breach? The answer is a little complex and as multi-faceted as malware itself, but in short, the answer is vigilance — vigilance maintaining the  policies, procedures, and technologies that a good defensive cybersecurity posture entails.

The best way to steer clear of such pitfalls is to understand the critical need for effective prevention, a process that involves building and maintaining great malware policies. Sounds good, but how? Start with a great anti-virus, malware-busting template, like the one Apptega offers free to users. The guidelines in these templates allow you to easily…

– create an effective policy

– implement procedures and tools that deter, detect, and report malicious software

– ensure IT personnel have the training and skills they need to handle malware threats

– facilitate end user awareness of all policies and procedures

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Get relief from the experts

To visualize the overall importance of Apptega’s free templates, it’s worth looking more closely at the current industry frameworks and their expectations of robust policy. With regards to scope, PCI recommends to “deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software, particularly personal computers and servers” is a reminder that all machines, even those of employees, must be effectively covered. 

ISO 27001 suggests efforts to guard against malware should not be based purely on scope but also on education, as “detection, prevention, and recovery controls shall be implemented and combined with appropriate user awareness.”

CIS V7 suggests businesses “utilize centrally managed anti-malware software to continuously monitor and defend workstations and servers,” but we all know this step is invalid if not accompanied by a solid dose of employee training. In this way, the answer is a robust combination of both man and machine, working together to forge a strong digital defense.

Apptega is Here to Help 

Apptega will lead your business through these various elements of both human and machine-based prevention and help you avoid the painful pitfalls of ignorance. The equation is simple—businesses today must build, manage, and report effectively if they hope to comply, and that is precisely where Apptega can offer the guidance you need. Once you select the framework you’d like to follow, such as PCI, NIST, ISO, SOC, or SEC, Apptega will customize a program to suit your need in seconds. Interested in designing a program based on multiple frameworks? Not a problem. Apptega is flexible to adhere to whatever security demands you choose to take on, all the while providing you with the right management tools for the job:

– budgeting

– calendaring

– risk rating and risk register

– collaboration

– project life-cycle management

– task management

– vendor management

– real-time compliance scoring

When you can easily report your program in just one click — for audits, client needs, or industry meetings — you will discover unprecedented visibility and control of your cybersecurity data, all with no inconvenience or stress. Security fatigue is exhausting enough without the ongoing pressure of complex compliance and requests. So, do yourself (and your business) a favor and get some quality relief.  Reach out to the Apptega team to learn more about all the other great templates, checklists and guidance we provide to help you organize the chaos within your organization.

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