An open letter to PureSec’s clients, partners, and friends


I am excited to update that Palo Alto Networks today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PureSec, extending their cloud security platform with the best-of-breed serverless security solution.

Avi Shulman, Ory Segal and I founded PureSec under the premise that the evolution of cloud computing into serverless architectures dictates a complete rethinking of application security.

It didn’t take long to see serverless exploding, as more and more organizations – from early-stage startups to large global enterprises – adopted serverless for their mission-critical applications. This was made possible by the support of the thriving serverless ecosystem, of which we feel fortunate to have been a part of, and the leading cloud platforms: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Palo Alto Networks’ strategic decision is a tremendous vote of confidence in our team, product, and technology; furthermore, I believe it is a meaningful milestone for the serverless movement at large.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our clients for their attentiveness and for giving an aspiring startup a fighting chance; our investors, and particularly Dan Krasnostein (Square Peg Capital), Eitan Bek and Rona Segev (TLV Partners) and Eran Bielski and Avi Eyal (Entree Capital), and PureSec’s president Ido Yablonka, all of whom believed in PureSec and supported us in countless ways, from the right advise through to a key introduction and even articulating the concept during our very early days at the SigmaLabs accelerator; Tomer Shani (Schwartz), our amazing legal counsel and trusted confidant; our friends in Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and across the serverless ecosystem, for always challenging us to be the best version of ourselves; and a final, special thanks has to go to our winning team – I consider myself extremely lucky to be working with such an exceptional group of people, and regard this as a group achievement, your own as it is mine – knowing that our journey will continue to reach new heights within Palo Alto Networks. Upward and onward!


Shaked Zin

PureSec Co-Founder & CEO

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