Webinar: Cloud-based Research Platform for Threat Hunters

One of the most important applications of a cloud browser is investigating threat intelligence. Information security analysts can get quickly overwhelmed with data, from potential risks to false leads. Providing context for threat intelligence is critical for any security operations team.

Investigating leads from threat intelligence can be time-consuming and expensive for an already over-taxed function. Imagine having thousands of alerts, and no way to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones are benign.

Cloud-based technologies make infosec analysts more productive by doing much of the grunt work for them. Instead of slogging through thousands (or millions) of alerts, analysts rely on threat intelligence services like Recorded Future for in-depth and high-speed analysis to bring that down to a manageable number. And a cloud browser like the Silo Research Toolbox gives analysts a safe and efficient way to perform deep analysis on legitimate threats.

Illustration: Silo Research Toolbox - the cloud browser for analysts, researchers and investigators (screenshot)
Silo Research Toolbox on the Dark Web

Authentic8 and Recorded Future are presenting a cloud-based research platform for threat hunters on May 8th at 14:00 CEST (GMT+2). This free webinar will show how infosec analysts can do a better job of protecting corporate assets.

  • Get best practices and case studies for implementing threat intelligence as part of your own information security strategy
  • Understand the distinction between data and intelligence
  • Gain insight into the value of different intelligence gathered from sources spread across the open and dark web
  • Find out how a cloud-based browser can eliminate risk and lowers costs for threat hunters

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