Tracking Illegal Terrorist Funding Campaigns Via Cryptographic Currencies Tools

With superb research efforts, and the equally fascinating tutorials available for researchers targeting the problematic of illegality in terrorist funding, Brenna Smith divulges what it takes to discover, and subsequently track ill-gotten gains and the funding thereof, through the utilization of BitCoin transactions. Certainly today’s MustRead, via Bellingcat.
To effectively analyze any bitcoin address, I rely on four main tools:

AppSec/API Security 2022

“A bitcoin blockexplorer — which gives you access to the bitcoin blockchain…
BitcoinWhosWho — which is a tool that allows you to look up certain BTC addresses…
WalletExplorer — though similar to a block explorer in reporting transaction history…
Good ole’ Google search — simply googling BTC addresses can lead you to blog posts…” – via Brenna Smith, writing at Bellingcat

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