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Introduction to the Certified Expert Penetration Tester Certification

Are you looking to advance your pentesting career? Then a certification might be the right option, especially one that offers both practical, hands-on experience and a strong focus on ethical hacking. Professionals with expert testing skills can be a great asset for a company. A penetration test or simulated attack performed by experienced and trained professionals finds vulnerabilities and exploits in systems and can produce valuable insights into the effectiveness of security controls in a much more efficient way than through the simple use of specific testing software.

The Information Assurance Certification Review Board (IACRB) has a program called CEPT: Certified Expert Penetration Tester. This is one of the most comprehensive training and certification curricula available in this line of work, and it can properly prepare security professionals for a successful career in pentesting. IACRB is a not-for-profit industry standard organization that offers certifications able to demonstrate the information assurance knowledge and hands-on ability of candidates, as well as establishing requirements to identify a baseline skill level for sought-after technical positions.

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Exploring the CEPT certification: an overview

CEPT is a certification that goes deeper into network attacks and recon, shellcodes, memory corruption and more, as easily seen from the domains it covers. In order to earn the CEPT credential, candidates need to pass a 50-question multiple-choice test followed by a hands-on practicum in which candidates have to successfully complete three penetration challenges in order to become certified. A passing score is at least 70%.

The CEPT certification process is designed specifically to test not only the applicant’s technical understanding but also his or her problem-solving ability. The focus of the certification is on pentesting and, specifically, the identification of the knowledge and skills an “expert penetration tester” must possess. IACRB states: (Read more...)

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