PureSec Enables Easier Migration To Serverless With Unified Function, Container, and Host Security

PureSec makes it easier for enterprises to adopt serverless by extending its leading Serverless Security Platform to containers and hosts, providing unified application layer protection for cloud-native applications.

All of us here at PureSec believe that the future of cloud computing is serverless – a world where there’s no friction between developers and writing the business logic that makes their organizations successful. To help the serverless community achieve this vision, PureSec eliminates the need to worry about the security posture of your serverless architecture. PureSec gives CISOs the governance and visibility they need while developers bake security into their applications with zero overhead.

We’re constantly working with our customers and partners to understand how we can best realize this vision. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that PureSec now extends its core serverless runtime protection technology to containers, hosts, edge, and IoT. With a unified approach to application layer protection, PureSec makes it easier for enterprises to pave the path to serverless.

PureSec ensures your serverless functions behave exactly as intended and are not able to perform any actions that could present a security risk. You can now enforce the same capability on your containers and hosts, ensuring they can only perform network actions, interact with services or access files in accordance with the desired behavior. By protecting containerized workloads and functions in the same application-centric manner, PureSec customers are creating serverless-ready application architectures.

PureSec’s container runtime protection is completely platform agnostic, you’re able to defend and enforce safe behavior on your containers on any cloud (or on premises), and no matter which orchestrator or serverless container service you use. By applying the same application-aware runtime protection to all workloads, PureSec enables you to make your security serverless-ready, even if your application is still containerized.

“As soon as customers saw the tremendous benefit of our unique approach to serverless application security, they asked whether the same technology could also protect other types of applications which they use in cloud-native environments, such as containers” Said Ory Segal, CTO and co-founder at PureSec. “PureSec’s technology focuses on learning and enforcing cloud-native application layer behavior, so applying it to containerized applications made perfect sense.”

With this new and unified cloud-native runtime protection solution, customers using both serverless and containers will be able to apply the same security policies across their applications. This capability will allow our customers to either migrate container applications straight to serverless without compromising security in the process, or continue leveraging both containers and functions while getting complete visibility, control, and protection for their applications.

While PureSec remains serverless-first in its mission, the road to serverless is now easier for PureSec customers, with full runtime protection coverage, regardless if they are using containers, hosts, functions, Edge or IoT.

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