Information security careers in the wireless communications industry

Wireless Communication Careers – An Introduction

Wireless communication is becoming essential not only in people’s homes but also in industries. This is because it allows for a versatile IT environment and for a number of solutions that makes it easier for companies of any size to conduct business.

Transmitting data in a cableless way, however, has opened up the IT world to a number of new challenges: to secure communications and make sure no data is intercepted on its way to the lawful recipients. The widespread use of wireless technologies (including the cloud, virtualization and mobile) have obvious privacy implications and have seen an increase in fraud and violations.

The challenges of wireless communication

Data leakage is one of the most feared issues in wireless technology. This is unsurprising, given the several different ways it can happen: from accidental disclosure by users to mishandling by third parties when entrusting data to a cloud provider, even to apps’ in-built security holes. Even phishing techniques seem to be more effective on utilizers of mobile devices, as the line between personal and business is so thin on a mobile device that users are less cautious when opening messages and quicker to click on links. In addition, companies do not often have much control on where users connect from. The difficulty is to mediate between the ease of access to information and the implementation of more secure but often time- and resources-consuming solutions like VPNs.

Despite the challenges, mobile environments and wireless communication options are essential for today’s companies that rely on these technologies to streamline their operations, reduce costs and take advantage of a distributed workforce able to work on the go while increasing customers’ satisfaction. It is paramount, then, to concentrate not only on users’ awareness of the potential risks, but also (Read more...)

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